2018 Customer Survey Results

Many thanks to those of you who completed our customer satisfaction survey. Over 40 customers took the survey, and many took the time to provide detailed comments and feedback.

Some common themes came through the survey results:

  1. You all are very fond of Chris and Christina Lee. We were not surprised to see so many comments about the Lees and what they meant to Shady Shores. They are wonderful people and did a great job managing the campground. We know we have big shoes to fill! We will compile a list of comments we received about the Lees and share it with them.
  2. Many of you wished us well with this new endeavor, and included some nice comments about Fair Point Marina which was very kind. Thank you for the warm reception and we look forward to getting to know all of you this season.
  3. Nearly all of the survey respondents gushed about Shady Shores. 98% of you said that you would “strongly recommend” Shady Shores to a friend or family member. Many written comments were submitted which captured what the campground has meant to you and your families over the years.

We will be posting the results of the survey at the General Store when it opens this spring. Please take the time to look through them to get a feel for the direction we received from the survey.