Project Description


Sailing is easy to learn and provides a lifetime of enjoyment. Shady Shores is a great place to sail as it is located on Lake Ontario and Blind Sodus Bay, and just around the corner from Little Sodus Bay. If the lake is too challenging for you because of your experience or the weather, you have the option of taking a leisurely sail on either of the two bays.

Rent one of our sailboats at the Shady Shores RV Resort and Campground marina and you will be off in no time criss crossing Blind Sodus Bay, a protected bay off of Lake Ontario. For more challenging sails, you can keep your sailboat at Fair Point Marina, our sister resort located right next door. The marina is located on Little Sodus Bay right next to the channel leading out to Lake Ontario. One tack and voila, you are out in the big water!