Sterling Cidery

Sterling Cidery makes all of their craft ciders by hand, starting with fresh-pressed, juice from 100% local apples, (Cayuga, Wayne and Oswego counties). They take pride in maintaining the natural apple flavor and aroma of each batch and it’s really quite something to see them transform fresh juice into delicious hard cider.

Sterling Cidery’s Oaken and Hopped ciders are aged with American oak and cascade hops, respectively, and the Cassis gets a splash of fresh 100% Black Currant Juice.

The Cidery is located just a stone’s throw off Main Street. It’s right across the street from Brandon’s Pub and behind the ice cream shop on Main.

We love the ambience in the bar area and also the outside seating area. This just opened up a year or two ago and it’s quickly becoming a favorite stop for our customers.

Contact Information

14451 Richmond Avenue
Fair Haven, New York 13064

(315) 947-2052