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RVs for Sale at Shady Shores

The benefits of buying a pre-owned RV on site

Buying a pre-owned RV at Shady Shores is a great way to get into a seasonal site right away rather than going on the waiting list. A purchase often includes site improvements too such as a deck or storage shed. So in most cases, all you need to do is bring your pillows!

The Pre-Sale Process

Seasonal site contracts do not transfer with the sale. Because of this, Buyers need to be approved by Shady Shores management in advance. So be sure to contact us before finalizing a sale.

As part of the sale process, we will inspect the RV to confirm the appearance of the RV is acceptable and that all systems are operational and in good repair. We will also check any outside structures to confirm they are in good condition and brought up to current building codes. Review the FAQs below for more information.

Seasonal Lot 116
1997 Summit Park Model

Contact Megan at (800) 947-9480

  • Excellent condition
  • Well equipped for the next owner.
  • Sale includes 2 sheds
  • 10′ x 30′ deck with Duralast roof
  • 8 1/2′ x 10′ loft
  • Furnace can run either electric or propane.
  • Air conditioning.
  • Electric water heater.
  • Stereo
  • Site has plenty of parking.

Seasonal Lot 73
1998 40′ Sandpiper

Contact: Megan at (800) 947-9480

  • 1998 40′ Sandpiper
  • Buyer would be buying the deck and shed
  • RV would have to be replaced with a unit less than 15 years old
  • This is one of the best ways to skip the waiting list at Shady Shores to get a site right away!
  • Buyer must be approved by Shady Shores.

Seasonal Lot 137
2001 Skamper Lite Ultra Trailer

Contact: Megan at (800) 947-9480

2001 Skamper Lite Ultra trailer located on seasonal site 137 at Shady Shores RV Resort in Fair Haven NY, a waterfront RV resort on both Blind Sodus Bay and Lake Ontario.

Site is located in one of the more private areas of the park with a nice sloped lawn in front of the RV and beautiful tree foliage.

Sale includes RV, deck and balance of seasonal site fee.

Buyer must be approved by Shady Shores. Note: Due to age restrictions on RVs at the park, this RV would have to be replaced with one less than 15 years old.


Seasonal Lot 56 WATERFRONT!
2004 Quail Ridge Park Model by Forest River


  • Spectacular waterfront lot – one of the best at Shady Shores
  • Nice condition
  • Electric and gas furnace
  • High ceiling downstairs. Loft Upstairs
  • Living room has beautiful lake front view with sofa/bed
  • Also hidden partition to create private lake view guest room
  • Kitchen has full size gas stove, refrigerator and microwave.
  • Dinette table with 4 chairs
  • Bathroom has full size shower/tub combo, sink and new toilet
  • Step down bedroom with double bed and large closet
  • Loft has a large cubby storage space and lots of floor space
  • Includes multi-level deck, new shed and grill

2014 Palomino Puma Travel Trailer 31-BHSS


Beautiful RV in like new condition on Site 110 at Shady Shores RV Resort.  This is a great opportunity for someone to skip the waiting list at Shady Shores and start enjoying this popular waterfront RV resort and all of the great things to do in the charming Village of Fair Haven.

  • One Queen Bed, Three Bunks in Bunk House
  • Air Condition Ducted, Heat Ducted Gas/Electric, Hot Water Tank Gas/Electric, Stereo CD Bluetooth, Flat Screen TV, Two refrigerators, Two Microwaves, Stove Oven Gas
  • Large Outdoor Kitchen, Picnic Table 
  • Sale Includes : RV, Deck With Composite Railings, Grill, Shed, Lawnmower, Table Chairs and lot rent for remainder of the 2020 season.

Frequently asked questions

No, unless the listing specifically states that it includes the site fee. Usually buyer and seller have to work out how to handle any deposits or payments made by seller on the site.

No. The seller’s site lease terminates when the RV is sold. The buyer must sign a new seasonal site lease contract at the time of purchase. Since all seasonal campers need to be approved by Shady Shores, it is important for buyers to pre-qualify with us before the sale is completed.

Yes. You should contact Shady Shores management to confirm the moving date and how the RV will be pulled off the site. Seller is responsible for ensuring that all decks, storage sheds and other property on the site are removed. All that should be left is the campground’s picnic table and fire ring (which belong to Shady Shores).

The process is simple and straightforward:

  • Call the Seller to get more information on the unit and arrange a showing.
  • Negotiate the terms of sale with Seller.
  • Contact Shady Shores management. We will have the buyer complete a camper application.
  • Shady Shores will do a pre-sale inspection to confirm the condition of the RV is acceptable and that any structures being left on the site meet current building codes.
  • Once Shady Shores has approved buyer as a seasonal camper and completed the inspection process, buyer and seller are free to complete the sale.

Yes, under our Seasonal Lease Contract a commission of 10% of the sale price is due to Shady Shores in the event of a sale. It is seller’s responsibility to pay the commission at the time of sale. Buyer’s new site lease is not effective until the commission has been paid in full so Buyer and Seller should be sure this payment is made at closing.

The commission compensates us for the time and effort we put in assisting seller with the sale which includes putting a listing together on our website, doing a pre-sale inspection and supervising the sale which may include removal or modification of structures on the site.

We also are providing the seller with marketing support. We have a waiting list of people who are looking for seasonal sites and we are often able to connect the seller with someone on the list. And our website is an effective marketing tool for sellers. If the RV is priced right, we are usually able to find a buyer much more quickly than having the RV listed on Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, etc.

The commission only applies to RVs on our property that are being sold to a buyer who intends to keep a seasonal site with us. Seller is free to remove his RV from our property and sell the RV on his own without paying a commission to us.